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Welcome to your party! My name is Emma Ciudad-Real, and I am the owner of Napa Bach. In 2016, I graduated from The University of California Davis with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. For the following five years, I worked supporting individuals being released from incarceration, before taking a chance on my daydream.


When I first told my mother about my idea of starting a small business in the planning industry, she replied, "well duh, you've been making our family's dinner reservations since you were five!" At that moment, I realized I have always felt the most joyous and exuberant when facilitating these very emotions in others. 

While planning my own wedding and bachelorette party, I became keenly aware that while others despise both planning and decorating, I embody a passion for it. Perhaps this passion serendipitously led me to lay roots in a world famous destination full of parties to decorate and wine to consume after a hard day of work- The Napa Valley.


I would describe myself as a "heart on her sleeves" type of woman, most often motivated by my desire to create, celebrate, and connect. I feel honored and extremely grateful for the trust of my clientele, and I am dedicated to providing each and every customer with magical outcomes unique to their specific wishes. 

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